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Equine Services and Pricing

Groom Services
Wags & Nags provides a high quality groom service for horse owners, a service that can be tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your horse is cared for exactly as you want if you're unavailable or simply want a break.

Maintaining your horse's normal routine is paramount, so Wags & Nags would meet with you and your horse to gain a detailed understanding of your requirements and get to know your horse before any duties are carried out.  This initial meeting will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the service we can provide and ensure you're happy we understand your horse, before you make the decision to use Wags & Nags.

As an experienced Hunt, Event and Polo Groom with sole responsibility for over thirty horses, we are confident in all aspects of horse management and happy to undertake all duties associated with field and stable kept horses.

Wags & Nags will also school and exercise your horses to maintain fitness and correct problems, if you don't have the time.

"This fabulous lady looks after my daughters pony and my horse during the week whilst we are away. She is absolutely amazing with animals. She treats them as her own so you can only have 100% trust in her. I can not recommend her highly enough." - Lizzy S

Wags & Nags are able to provide a full clipping service with all clips offered.  We are also happy to clip naughty or sedated horse, but would ask for the owner or vet to be present.

Show Preparation and Groom For The Day
How often do you receive your show schedule, identify classes you'd love to enter but wonder how you're going to get your horse and tack prepared and be ready for an early start ?  Wags & Nags can undertake all of the preparation work for you, leaving you to get yourself ready and focus on your riding.  All you have to do is box your horse and arrive at the show in time for your classes.

Take advantage of Our Groom For The Day package and we will accompany you to your show or polo match and act as your personal groom, managing your horses and tack whilst you concentrate on competing.

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