Equine Groom Service Pricing
Clipping & Grooming Pricing
Show Preparation & Groom For The Day Pricing
Show Preparation & Groom For The Day Pricing

Full Show Preparation
On the day before the show:
Trim Legs & Face
Plait mane and tail (pull if preferred)

£ 60.00 per horse

Tack Cleaning:
Bridle x 1
Saddle x 1
Leather head collar x 1
Leather boots x 1 pair

£ 20.00

Groom For The Day
Preparation before competition / match:
Ensure horse is clean and plaits are in place
Prepare for travelling

£ 20.00 per horse / pony

Attendance at competition / match:
Travel with you to your competition / match
Tacking up
Entering ring when required / switching ponies
Care and maintenance of horses / ponies
Prepare for travelling
Assist unloading

£ 100.00 per day
£  20.00 per additional horse

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