Equine Groom Service Pricing
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Equine Groom Service Pricing

Equine Groom
Full groom services available 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays.

Field Kept Horses
Morning feed
Check water and fencing
Check / change rugs
General Health Check
Evening Feeds

Winter rates  ~  £ 10.00 per horse per day, £ 8.00 per additional horse
Summer rates  ~  £ 8.00 per horse per day, £ 6.00 per additional horse (May - Sept inclusive)

Stable Kept Horses
Morning feed
Change rugs
General Health check
Check water and fencing
Muck out
Bring in / Skip out
Change rugs
Feed and put to bed

£ 20.00 per horse per day
£ 15.00 per horse per day

Half day rates available 

Additional Services
Paddock Poo Picking   ~  £ 5.00 per 30 mins
Exercising  ~  £ 20.00 per hour or part thereof
Lunging   ~   £ 10.00 per 30 mins or part thereof
Attendance to vet, farrier, dentist etc  ~  £ 10.00 per hour or part thereof

On site extras
If already in attendance at a yard, Wags & Nags are happy to undertake the following services for other customers:
Check while out at grass, once a day  ~  £ 3.00
Check and feed at grass, once a day  ~  £ 5.00
Muck out  ~ £ 8.00
Skip out  ~ £ 4.00
Turn out / bring in  ~  £ 4.00 each

Credit cards and debit cards not accepted
Cheques made payable to Wags and Nags Grooming or Laura Davey

Prices subject to 100% surcharge for Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day
Prices subject to 50% surcharge for all other Bank Holidays

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